Raja Rani Arya Nayantara Post Marriage

Critics have noted that the film draws similarities to Mani Ratnam's Mouna Ragam[17][18] the Kannada film Milana.[19][20][21]

A first official film teaser showing the lead pair quarrelling through their projections in a mirror was released on 11 May by Fox Star Studios.[29] The teaser went instantly viral garnering a large number of views.[30] The film was given a "U" certificate by the Indian Censor Board.[31] This film released in many theatres across the USA especially Towne 3 cinemas in San Jose It was a blockbuster in Tamil did decent business in Telugu U.S.A market. Загрузка Загрузка The official trailer was released along with the music album in a very innovative manner on 23 August 2013.[32] The trailer was released on YouTube earlier in the day was simultaneously telecast across 12 television channels at 7 PM.[33] The trailer received positive response.[34] The satellite rights of the film were sold to. Загрузка Смотрите видео на YouTube без рекламы Обработка In contrast Gautaman Bhaskaran of Hindustan Times rated it 2 stars said "At a little over 150 minutes is a bumpy ride with potholes of songs with characters who are nothing better than caricatures with a romance that hardly engages".[40] Sify too gave an unfavourable review stating "Debutant director Atlee's highly hyped starts off promisingly keeps us engaged in the first half But post-interval it loses steam turns out to be a cheesy emotionally manipulative drama with a predictable long drawn out climax that goes on on for 35 minutes".[19] Загрузка Обработка Загрузка плейлистов Загрузка Behindwoods rated the album out of 5 said "G.V strikes with lively & cheerful melodies A very pleasant album !"[26] IndiaGlitz rated it 2.5 out of 5 said "GV Prakash keeps his promise".[27] rated the album with 3.5 out of 5 stars said the album is Innovative Interesting Intriguing[28] The film began its first schedule at a bungalow in Greams road Chennai.[14] Kamal Haasan switched on the camera a song picturizing Jai was canned on the occasion.[15] The sequence involving Jai Nayantara were canned first joined the team after completing his work on Iram Ulagam.[16] Upon hearing this story John begins to like Regina he now has immense respect for her Regina however continues to treat John with scant respect until one day when Sarathy (Santhanam) comes to their flat reveals John's past in the second major flashback of the movie John had fallen in love with Keerthana (Nazriya Nazim) an orphan they eventually get married On the first day after their Keerthana is hit by a car while crossing the road she dies in front of John Regina now begins to like John Though they like each other they never reveal it to each other Finally on John's birthday Regina gives John a gift insists that he opens it alone but John never opens the gift as he thinks that Regina is only pretending to be affectionate in front of her father.

Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка Plot[Edit] The movie begins with the of John () Regina (Nayantara) at a church The is an arranged one to which both have consented reluctantly to make their parents happy After the they live together as strangers in an apartment where the neighbors are upset with John who comes home drunk every night which he does deliberately to annoy Regina Eventually Regina applies for a transfer to Australia to stay away. One night Regina falls down with fits John calls an ambulance takes Regina to the hospital where he is unable to respond to the doctor's queries about Regina's age past medical history When he goes to apologize to the doctor later on he is told that it is important to know about his wife's health even if he dislikes her John then asks Regina about her health she reveals she had fits twice in the past The movie now goes into flashback mode as she explains her past the love of her life Surya (Jai). "at my age I thought I should give a nice love story; we hear many love stories so I thought mine should be unique came up with a husb wife story Since the best onscreen pair in Tamil at present is Nayantara I narrated it. Regina who is terribly angry slaps John as she never wanted to get back with Surya as that was the past Regina throws the gift that John never opened When he opens it he finds the words "Let us begin our life" John Regina realize their love for each other begin their life together. Загрузка Загрузка Regina's request for the transfer to Australia is approved When she tells John while he was having a beer that she bought for him he asks her to go ahead with her plans as he thinks that she was trying to bribe him with the beer to get him to agree to a divorce while she actually wanted him to express his love for her John drops off Regina at the airport When he is about to leave the airport he gets a call from Regina who tells him that she saw Surya at the immigration counter John rushes off to meet Surya tries to get him to accept Regina Surya says that he was forced to leave by his father that he faked his suicide so that Regina would get over him Surya says that he is now happily married tells John that one cannot always marry the girl he loves but should always love the girl he marries As he leaves he glances at the ring in his h which was gifted to him by Regina showing that Surya will always live with the memories of their relationship. Загрузка - tamil MovieStar Cast: Jai,Nazriya Nazim Santhanam Sathyaraj Rajendran,SathyanDirection: AtleeMusic:G V Prakash KumarDescription is a tamil comedy movie which revolves around the newly wed couple The story begins with getting married at a church Both have a past love life but decides to marry just to make their parents happy As the story moves narrates her past love with Jai that he has too finds out that had a similar past his lover Nazriya has in an through Santhanam How the couple re discovers their long last love decided to get along together forms the rest of. Загрузка Обработка While in college she falls in love with Surya who works in the call center of a mobile company Surya gets selected for airline cabin-crew training in the US They decide to inform their parents about their love but his father objects to their relationship hence they decide to get married without informing their parents On the designated day Surya fails to show up at the Registrar's office for the wedding Regina's father James (Sathyaraj) feels sorry for his daughter takes Regina to Surya's house where they learn that Surya has already left for the US A few days later Regina gets a call from Aiyappan (Sathyan Sivakumar) Surya's friend saying Surya had committed suicide in the US In her shock she suffers fits for the.

The Telugu dubbed version is also titled as was released on Ma It was remade in Bengali as Shudhu Tomari Jonyo in 2015 with Dev reprising 's role Srabanti Chatterjee reprising Nayantara's role Soham Chakraborty reprising Jai's role Mimi Chakraborty reprising Nazriya Nazim's role.[45] Обработка Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка The soundtrack album for was composed by G V Prakash Kumar The lyrics were penned by Na Muthukumar Pa Vijay Gaana Bala The single "Hey Baby" was released on 19 August 2013.[22] The complete album was released on 23 August 2013 at Sathyam Cinemas Chennai.[23][24] The audio was released by actors Jiiva